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Independent Financial Planning

Through our sister company, Yates Financial Planning Ltd, we are able to offer bespoke planning solutions to both private individuals and the employees of our corporate clients. Our services include:

Investment /Wealth Management
Retirement Planning
Family Protection


We offer truly Independent advice, as we are completely independent of any fund manager, Investment Company or other influences. This means that we always work on your behalf and act in your best interests.

We strongly believe that our long-term success has been built on our ethos of providing straightforward jargon free solutions and a high level of personal service. Our client feedback demonstrates the value that our clients place on this philosophy.

Financial Planning Process

Critical to the advice process is that we fully understand your personal circumstances, goals and financial aspirations both in the short and longer term. A typical financial planning process is split into 5 distinct stages:

  1. Initial meeting
    This is the opportunity for us to meet and to explore if we would like to work together. This initial meeting is held without obligation and at our expense. We will always supply our terms of business and explain how we are paid for our services.
  2. Second meeting
    We gather detailed factual information relating to your personal and family circumstances but equally important, we discuss with you and establish your goals, ambitions and objectives.
  3. Financial Plan
    A financial plan is then prepared and presented. This will provide a summary of your current financial circumstances, highlight any areas of need and will form the basis of a further discussion where we prioritise and agree solutions. Following this meeting, we will provide a detailed suitability report.
  4. Implementation
    Agreed plans are put in place.
  5. Future reviews
    It is crucial that any financial plan retains the flexibility to adapt to life and economic changes. We will put in place a regular review schedule so that we can ensure that you remain on track to achieve your aims and ambitions.

Our Charges

We provide an initial consultation at no cost to you; this gives the opportunity for us to explain our services and how we are paid. Our remuneration basis is always agreed before we commence any work and no work is undertaken without your full knowledge and agreement. Typically, clients will pay a pre-agreed fee or alternatively, our advice fees can be drawn from products in the form of an adviser charge.

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